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Thought I would post this press release with regard to “The Hereafter Musical.” Frankie Keane and Vinnie Favale, VP of Late Night Programming CBS/David Letterman stated that I played a role in the development of the psychic character. You can check out some vids and audio from the show here – http://hereaftermusical.com/ . Its run is over, but, I understand, it may come back.

Mind Reader with Psychic Touch Inspires Character in New Off-Broadway Musical

New York, NY (March 13, 2012) – The off-Broadway production of the new musical “Hereafter,” which opens April 24th at Theatre 80 St. Marks Place in New York, pulls some of the characteristics of its medium/psychic from mentalist Bob Garner.

Frankie Keane, the co-writer of the musical along with Vinnie Favale, VP of Late Night Programming CBS/David Letterman, met Garner at a trade show 4 years ago, but her memory of that meeting remains strong. It was after watching Garner’s presentation and speaking with him that she used what she learned from Garner to eventually create the character of the show’s medium/psychic Jason. In the musical, Jason meets with 3 women who have suffered the loss of a loved one. During that visit, the women are struggling with the loss of their loved ones, yet we learn that the lost ones are also struggling with making contact with them. If the spirits make contact to bring closure to the women and ease their pain, it also means that they – the spirits – will disappear into the unknown of the hereafter. Jason struggles with having to help both the living and the dead deal with these issues.

Keane, herself, was in her words “a struggling actress,” when she met Garner. Keane was working at a medical trade show in New Orleans and while having dinner one night, struck up a conversation with a fellow diner who was attending the same show. Her fellow diner spoke about witnessing mind reader Garner at a corporation’s exhibit at the show and shared his reactions to Garner’s presentation. He talked Keane into watching Garner the next day. She did and according to Keane, it changed her life. Keane remembers, “I watched as Bob so generously took his time with all of the people who had come to see him and how each one of them had their lives forever changed that day. I had no idea how much he would impact my life, not to mention my career.”

After his presentation, Keane spoke with Garner and they exchanged business cards. Keane notes, “I kept his card always in a safe place. Little did I know, it would be Bob who would be the model for what would become such a huge part in my life.”

Keane states that many of the attributes that she contributed to the character of Jason came from meeting Garner and his ability to connect with people and share viable wisdom. Favale adds, “Every time Frankie and I would work on the character of Jason, she would refer to the encounter she had with Bob years ago and how much he impacted her life. I know that it was very important to her that our medium have some of the positive attributes she took away from meeting Bob Garner. He has truly been an inspiration.”

Garner professes not to be a psychic or a medium. Instead, he states that he is a mentalist who specializes in appearing at trade shows and speaking at meetings and events for Fortune 1000 corporations, worldwide. 

However, Garner does deliver astonishing information to those who watch him. To that Garner states, “I am, firstly, an entertainer. However, I have studied psychology, religion and spirituality and try to provide words of hope and encouragement, as well as common sense advice to those who watch my presentations. I do feel that at times, like many people, my intuition is heightened and through that I am able to provide what some consider valuable guidance.”

Judging by the remarks on Garner’s website from those who have personally seen him or have read his articles, it appears that the advice and guidance he delivers is solid and has helped people to improve their lives. In fact, many people eagerly await Garner’s free podcasts – which he dishes out when he’s not on the road – about such topics as how to diminish worry and fear, deal with stress, and realize happiness. About his advice, Keane states, ” I can only hope that many more people get to experience his selfless gift that he shared with me… and that their lives are forever changed by it, as mine has been. He is truly a gifted man.”

The musical “Hereafter” opens April 24, 2012 at Theatre 80 – St. Marks Place, New York. For information go to http://hereaftermusical.com . For information on Bob Garner or his free podcasts go to http://www.bobgarner.com and http://www.bobgarneraudio.com .



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You have everything set for your employee appreciation event or customer appreciation event. Your CEO introduces the funny speaker or entertainment for the evening and then, slowly, everything comes crashing to a halt. Instead of the laughter and applause that you hoped to hear, you hear silence and heavy sighs. The talent, which you thought was the perfect corporate entertainer for your group, panics and starts insulting the audience. You slowly slink down into your chair and wonder if your resume is up-to-date.

As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said and forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” While the food may be great and the room looks beautiful, these will be quickly forgotten. What your group won’t forget is how miserable they felt watching the entertainer you chose to add some “fun” and excitement” to your event. It’s odd that, sometimes, an events manager will spend months on planning certain aspects of an event – food, hotel, decorations, etc – but wait to the last minute to book the proper corporate event entertainment.

Whether you are looking to energize your event with a funny motivational speaker or just looking for some evening entertainment, here are a few corporate event entertainment ideas that will help you to make the right choice of a corporate entertainer for your next meeting or event.

1) Hit Your Homework – Stop relying on a speaker’s agency or entertainment agency to always book your talent. Many leading corporate entertainers don’t necessarily work with agents and, therefore, you can miss out on some great talent. While agents can be a good source for talent, they are not the only way to go. Don’t think that just because a corporate entertainer is on the agent’s roster that the agent has actually worked with that talent. Should you be willing to “broaden your options,” do a Google search for terms like funny motivational speaker or entertaining motivational speaker. Here you will find many corporate entertainers that can help you add the “WOW” factor to your event.

2) Delve into the Demos – Once you have chosen an entertainer or two, carefully watch the talent’s demo and see if he/she is a good fit for your group. This is the fastest way to confirm that the particular entertainer will work for you and saves you time – because if you don’t like the video, you can quickly move on to your next candidate. While watching the demo, see if the talent has worked for similar groups. Notice the demographics of the group. Does the video reveal crowd reactions? Is the laughter and applause real or is it canned? Are there multiple performance clips or is the video mostly one performance? Did the corporate entertainer receive multiple standing ovations or just one?

3) Survey the Site – If you like the demo, peruse the talent’s site to see exactly what type of corporate entertainment he/she provides. Observe if the corporate entertainer has a number of program options.

Additionally, look at the companies for which the talent has worked and then read those company’s testimonials. Many corporate entertainers flash logos of companies on their site; however, when checking for testimonials from those companies on the talent’s site, those testimonials may not be present. If a talent is showing a logo of a company, it delivers the assumption that he/she has worked with that company and, therefore, logically, the talent should have a testimonial to back up that claim. If they don’t, then what should you assume?

4) Testimonials are Tops – Video testimonials have taken the place of referrals. Instead of having to call someone to get a referral on a talent, a video testimonial will tell you everything you need to know. What you should look for in a video testimonial is who is giving the testimonial and what they said. The testimonial should be from the person who booked the talent and – for corporate event entertainment – that should be from an events manager, marketing or sales executive or higher.

Audience member testimonials are fine; however, you want to hear from someone in corporate who actually booked the talent. Since most corporate entertainers who are good at their job have been doing it for some time, the written testimonials will, undoubtedly, outweigh those on video. However, there should be enough video testimonials to provide you with solid information as to the quality of the service you can expect from the entertainer. 

5) Talk to the Talent – Once you have accessed that a particular corporate entertainer may be perfect for your employee appreciation event or client appreciation event, then contact the talent directly. A few minutes on the phone will shed some light on how well the talent will not only work for your group, but also work with you.

As with all events, flexibility is the key. If your talent has too many demands or needs, then you may need to look elsewhere. After all, you are dealing with the demands and needs of your group and your executives. You don’t need a “needy” entertainer, as well. During your call discuss fees, staging requirements and, most importantly, how the entertainer can help you add the “WOW” factor to your event.

Bottom line: Taking the time to find the right corporate entertainer for your corporate event entertainment does require “time.” However, event managers take the time to: plan multiple site visits; make copious calls to hotel catering; agonize over decorations, strategize hotel bookings and loads more to make sure the event is a success. Don’t let your decision for your corporate event entertainment be one of the last things you do, and don’t always leave it up to one source. Remember, your group probably won’t remember exactly what they ate or the details of the decorations on the table, but they will never forget how miserable they felt watching a lousy corporate entertainer.

These are just a few corporate event entertainment ideas that will allow you to provide the right type of entertainment at your next meeting.  As a funny motivational speaker, I have logged numerous events as a speaker, as well as the evening’s entertainment. View my corporate event entertainment site.

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Whether it’s an employee appreciation event, a customer appreciation event, or a sales meeting, choosing the wrong corporate entertainment can negate all the hard work you’ve done to create a great experience for your group. Here are a few things to keep in mind, when deciding on what type of corporate entertainment will work for you:

A Good Fit – The Audience:
While all people like to be entertained, there are differences of opinions as to what is entertaining. True, as the old saying goes, “The quickest way to fail is to try and please everyone,” you can still please the majority. To do that, look at your audience and determine what kind of entertainment they would actually pay to see. Consider the overall demographics of your group. For example: If you have an international group, a comedian may not be effective, unless that comedian knows how to work in front of that type of audience.

Stage, Lights and Sound – The Set-Up:
Make sure that your talent has the proper staging to deliver his or her act. If using a talent like a comedian or magician, keep the audience close to the stage. For these acts, placing the audience at a distance from the performer is an obstacle, as are any walls or building posts that may impede on views. Adequate sound and lighting that will meet the needs of your entertainment is critical. Finally, do not have your talent perform while your group is eating. That is distracting for the talent, as well as the audience.

This Ain’t HBO – Keep It Clean:
The corporate entertainer that you hire must be able to work clean. That means no offensive language, etc.

Show and Tell – View the Demo:
By viewing the corporate entertainer’s video, you will see whether or not he or she would be a fit for your group. Notice what other companies have hired that entertainer as their corporate event entertainment. Many entertainers will place logos on their sites “suggesting” they have worked for those companies, but they have no testimonials – written or video – to back up that work. The entertainer’s site should provide real testimonials – preferably video testimonials – and those testimonials should back up the majority of the companies for which the entertainer states he or she has worked.

Need to Speak – Conference Call:
Schedule a conference call with the act – not the agent. Unless you are hiring a “big name,” then you should be able to speak with the talent, prior to booking. Usually, the agent will also be on the call, which is fine. During that call, never talk about fees, just keep it to what you would like the talent to provide and gauge their response to your requests.

Don’t Forget Us – Customization:
The corporate entertainer should be able to customize his or her presentation to include some key messaging that you want your group to hear. Obviously, if you’re booking a band, that is not the case. I’m speaking about comedians, corporate magicians and mentalists, jugglers, etc. These talents should be able to incorporate some messaging into their presentations. For customer appreciation events the messaging may be lighter than for a sales group or maybe not. If the talent has corporate experience (and why would you hire that person if they didn’t?) during your conference call, ask their opinion.

The Check Is in the Mail – Pay on Time:
Most corporate event entertainment providers are self-employed. They require a deposit and then timely payment on the remainder. Don’t treat the talent like an employee or even a vendor that may supply product to your company. Your employees get paid on time – with benefits – and the vendors usually work with companies that pay them on time with benefits. You like to be paid on time… and so does the talent.

These are just a few corporate event entertainment ideas that will allow you to provide the right type of entertainment at your next event.  View my corporate entertainer site to find out what I provide or my corporate event entertainment site.

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As a trade show presenter, my job is to gather a crowd, entertain them and deliver important information about my client’s products and services. Being a trade show magician – actually, a trade show mentalist – and a corporate entertainer makes my job a little easier because I can entertain an audience. However, the job does entail delivering messages that will aid my clients in finding out who, among the crowd watching me, is interested in finding out more information and then getting  those attendees into the exhibit. It’s like being a live commercial that shows instant results!

I am always grateful to my clients when they provide me with a video testimonial. Even though all of my written testimonials are on file, the video testimonials are special.

Here are two of the latest:

In this video, my client confirms that I DOUBLED their booth demos…


In  this video, my client confirms that I created a “BUZZ” for them and aided their reps in “breaking the ice.”


Bottom Line: If you want to create a “BUZZ” at your booth, increase your number of demos, get more attention to your products and enhance your trade show ROI, then give me a call or go to my trade show magician site. Watch the video demo of my services as a trade  show corporate magician.

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It’s been busy and the upcoming 8 weeks are jam packed. I finally got my latest funny motivational speaker video testimonials up.  Thank you to my clients.

As a corporate entertainer and funny keynote motivational speaker, I had the honor of speaking for this group at their meeting in Kansas. Here is what the president and the 1st VP had to say:

For this group, in addition to being the entertaining motivational speaker, I was also a trainer as I delivered information on how to increase their trade show ROI, as well as their sales in the field. Here is what the VP. of Marketing & Business Development had to say:

Again, thank you for the testimonials. These groups were fantastic!

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Imagine… John believes that he is an easy-going and very pleasant fellow. Then one day, someone cuts him off in traffic and John now yells and screams at the other driver. At the stop light, John pulls up along side of the driver who cut him off and continues yelling at that driver. The other driver ignores John and, when the light turns green, simply drives away, while John sits there in his car… still yelling.

As John drives on and “cools off,” he thinks about what happened and feels a sense of remorse and shame for his actions, yet he also feels justified – because the other driver should not have been so rude and cut him off. The incident will come back to haunt John’s consciousness throughout the day, delivering a variety of feelings at various times. John subconsciously knows his behavior was in error and, eventually, will consciously admit it and vow to “act better” the next time. After all, he is a nice and pleasant person.

The very next day, John is sitting in a restaurant. There is a person standing next to his table speaking loudly on his cell phone. John glares angrily at this intruder and makes a few loud comments about “this rude person on the phone,” until the cell phone talker moves away. A few minutes later, John feels a sense of remorse and shame for acting in such a way, but feels justified – because that person should not have been speaking so loudly. As with the aforementioned driving incident, the cell phone encounter will haunt his consciousness and the anger game plays out the same way – ending in John’s vow to “act better” the next time. After all, John is a nice and pleasant person.

Actually, John is not a nice and pleasant person at all. He just thinks he is. John has an anger issue and a false sense of importance. After an incident occurs where John acts on his anger, he follows up that reaction with self-flagellation and false promises to not act that way again. This is a promise John will be unable to keep.

Why? Because John has created a false self-image of being a nice and pleasant person, when in reality he is not. He may even wonder, from time to time, as to why he gets angry and why he can’t control his anger. But he will never find an answer, because he is merely thinking about it and is not aware of that fact that he really is an angry person. His anger response is a knee-jerk or habitual response, which will continue in other situations – because John is not aware of his false self-image. Should he become aware of his false image, he will discover that his anger comes from within and not from the events on the outside. Should he choose not to become aware, he will repeat the same actions for the rest of his life.

True, the driver and the loud cell phone user were in error, but what about John’s reactions? In either event, an altercation could have happened, which could have escalated in a dangerous or drastic way. For John, these types of minor events will continue, and if John doesn’t change his reactions, he could, in the future, find himself in a very bad situation.

Again, John could “think” about why he is quick to anger, but it will change nothing, because thinking and awareness are two different things. Thinking is the job of the intellect; awareness is the job of spirit – it does nothing but watch and then slowly gives the answer, which is called awakening. 

To diminish his anger, John must first realize that the image he has of himself is false. He need not condemn himself – just accept the fact that he is quick to anger. Then when an angry moment approaches, he should not try to repress the anger, just watch it – as one would watch a bird fly by in the sky overhead. It’s that moment – that millisecond of silence when he is watching his anger go by – without judgment or condemnation – that he becomes aware of his feelings of anger. At that point, he is going beyond controlling anger or even anger management, he is “waking up” to his habitual feelings of anger. A simple recognition of the anger such as, “Wow, that makes me angry,” followed by, “That’s interesting,” delivers awareness. The very next millisecond will be a pause where there is no thought – just awareness.

This action allows John to stand apart from himself – to witness himself. He has created a space between the event and his emotions. Instead of his habitual response to circumstances that typically anger him, John is “waking up” to the fact that he does not have to allow his emotions (anger) to control him; he controls his emotions. John’s recognition of the space between his anger and the event allows for the weakening of the anger, which allows John to eventually break the chain of his past behavior. Most people do things and react to situations habitually, as if they were asleep. When you stop to view why you do the things you do and why you react to situations the way you do – you become “aware” and begin to “wake up.”

Now some might say this is akin to “counting to the number three,” before getting angry – but nothing could be further from the truth. Most people – when counting to three – do so with gritted teeth and a seething count-off. Therefore, they learn nothing about their true self and will continue to get angry over things that happen in their lives. However, by becoming aware of their true self and allowing anger to flow by without judgment or analysis, they open themselves up to a higher power, a spiritual power where their true self and understanding abide – a place of peace. Metaphorically speaking, in lieu of jumping into the raging tides of the ocean (emotions), you sit calmly on the shore (peace).

Should John repeat this “awareness” whenever a negative situation arises, it will deliver to him a new sense of consciousness about his true self – which is never bothered by the trivial actions of others. Eventually, he will notice that what used to make him angry no longer does. In fact, he will laugh at things that used to move him to anger. He will awaken to his true self, and, oddly enough, become the nice and pleasant person he thought he was… but now actually is.

Recognized as a funny motivational speaker who actually has something to say, Bob Garner combines his skills as a corporate entertainer and an empowering speaker who talks on performance and productivity at the meetings and conferences of Fortune 1000 corporations, worldwide.

Follow Bob on Twitter at @abundancefaucet. If you follow, Bob will followback. It’s a place to share tweets, as well as promote your books, ebooks, blogs and events on abundance, peace, spirit, health, happiness and more.

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