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For those in the corporate world who have to travel to earn their pay, many times we find ourselves in the presence of unpleasant people.

From plane trips to restaurants to meetings or events, an occasional rude person expresses his or her discomfort at something we may have said or should have said or did or didn’t do.

Sometimes their unhappiness is expressed by a few choice words, a nasty look, or – if we are driving and someone feels we are not driving fast enough – the mere dexterity of their fingers communicates the message. Hopefully, you don’t feel compelled to respond to this form of communication, other insults or goofy looks that others throw your way. It’s easy to respond; however, it’s more challenging – if not rewarding – to not respond. The next time you get the urge to respond, remember this story:

Buddha was once asked by his disciples why he didn’t respond to the insults that others would cast toward him. Buddha said, “Imagine what would happen if someone placed a gift at your feet and you chose to ignore it. Or someone sent you a letter and you did not open it.” The disciples answered that it would be returned to the original owner. Buddha responded with one word, “Exactly.”

Just let the anger or insult from another person pass you by, and, like a boomerang, it will have to go back to its owner. That is the one of the best and quickest ways to deal with mean people.

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Ever thought about retaining the services of a funny motivational speaker for your next meeting? Meeting planners understand the importance of making sure that their events provide information to their audience. But what about inspiration, as well fun? Isn’t inspiration and having fun a component of helping people achieve more?

Let’s consider 5 reasons why a meeting or event planner should utilize a funny motivational speaker at a meeting:

Reason #1 – First and foremost, a funny motivational speaker delivers a “mental break” in a way that no video, skit or slide show could ever provide. Whether your group consists of sales reps, employees, executives or customers, the goal of any meeting or conference is to share important content with that group and persuade them to do something (i.e.: improve productivity, increase sales, enhance safety, invest in your products, etc.). Yet how much information, statistics, and power points can people take in, before they reach “overload” status? By providing a presenter that offers a fun, interactive, and inspiring program, you give your group with a “mental break” which allows for any content that you have shared with them to “sink in,” as well as the opportunity to provide more messaging to a now relaxed and attentive audience.

Reason #2 – Every group needs to hear that despite all the challenges they are facing and changes they may incur, that they will be able to handle them. Every industry has challenges and few are not undergoing massive changes. One of several consequences to challenges and changes is that people become nervous, angry, fearful or stressed. A funny motivational speaker – who is good at what he or she does – can not only provide ideas and strategies to help your group gain insight to many of these feelings and emotions, but also, through the use of humor, “take the bite” out of tough situations. As Mark Twain once said, “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.” No matter what your group might be going through, humor and inspiration can aid your group in dealing with their challenges.

Reason #3 – Every meeting includes the aspect of networking. When your group enjoys a speaker, they will talk about it throughout the meeting, as well as share it with others when they go back to their office. Achieving that kind of “mind share” after your meeting is over – is magic… that’s gold! However, if you just offer the same old thing – boring speaker after speaker, power points and stats, videos, cocktails, a casino night, food, etc. – then your event is no different than all the others your guests have attended. By offering something fun and unique, you give your guests something they’ll remember and talk about.

Reason #4 – Most motivational speakers customize their presentation, so that it makes sense to your group. This aids you in providing needed information from an “outside party,” which provides a higher level of impact than hearing similar information from “one of your own.”

Additionally, the speaker is able to reinforce specific messages that you want your group to hear. For example, as an entertaining motivational speaker, I am able to reinforce my client’s key messages through demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as clean humor and audience participation. Therefore, not only are those messages reinforced, but they are also presented in a unique and fun way. 

Reason #5 – Finally, most entertaining and motivational speakers are reasonably priced. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a celebrity.  Just do a search for entertaining motivational speakers on the internet, watch demo videos available online, view the testimonials and directly call the speaker.

Take a look at all of those reasons and appraise them. Do you agree that a strong case can be made for hiring a funny motivational speaker for your next meeting?

If so, then you can find out why so many Fortune 1000 corporations have used my services as a funny motivational speaker by visiting my entertaining motivational speaker site.

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According to the book, “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation,” by psychologist Robert Provine, laughter is all about creating social interaction – social bonding. Most meetings provide dry speaker after dry speaker and leave the networking and social interaction aspects of the event to the cocktail hour, dinner or an exhibit area. By following this format, you leave behind a crucial component to creating social interaction – laughter. That is one reason why having a funny motivational speaker at your meeting can help you boost networking and social interaction at your event – laughter increases bonding.

A reason that laughter creates a unique opportunity to bond is because our desire to laugh is primal. Evidence suggests that the mechanism to laugh is located in the brain stem, which controls other basic functions. When a group of people laugh together, you are tapping that primal behavior and providing an outlet for not only a release of that function, but also a way for a group of people to act as a cohesive unit, which is also a basic desire of humans.

Using a funny motivational speaker during a meeting aids event planners and meeting planners in not only providing a primal and powerful outlet for social interaction during a meeting, but also encouraging further networking and social interaction after the meeting at cocktail receptions, dinner, etc.  Audience members now have something in common and a topic, beyond the reason for attending the meeting, about which to speak.

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At most corporate events, there is an evening or two that offers guests a chance to dine, drink, and network.  Mostly, these are all the same and rarely stand out in the minds of the guests. (How many carved turkey sandwiches and shrimp have you eaten?)

However, this occassion is also a prime time to reinforce that your company “thinks outside of the box,” “likes to do unique things,” and “offers more than the competition.”

The video below shows how companies can take advantage of more mind share by offering an attraction that delivers sophistication, fun, and audience interaction. Additionally, it offers LLMS – long lasting mind share – because your guests will end up talking about what they experienced when THEY go back to THEIR office.

As you will see, the set-up is minimal; it works both indoors and outside and the reactions are amazing.

Whether it’s a hospitality suite or after-dinner gathering, a users conference or employee event, event planners and meeting planners should always be looking for ideas to make their events stand out in the minds of their guests. When you couple that with LLMS, you get a fantastic return for your event dollars.

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Meeting planners and event coordinators are constantly in search of speakers who will not only inspire their audience, but also be entertaining and provide a unique experience for their group. In short, they’re looking for an entertaining motivational speaker who provides the “WOW” factor.

Finding a speaker who is not only entertaining and motivational, but who can also provide the “WOW” factor can be a challenge. However, with just a little research on the Internet, you will find a number of speakers who provide all of the above and also customize their program to your specific group.

With regard to entertainment, be careful what you choose. A trainer/speaker may throw in a joke or two or maybe a funny power point slide. If that is sufficient, that is fine, but it will probably fall short of the “WOW” factor. Instead, consider the use of comedians, jugglers and magicians who provide well thought out entertaining material that reinforces their motivational message.

To find them, do a search for keywords like entertaining motivational speakers or funny motivational speakers. You could also search for specific keywords like magician motivational speaker or mentalist motivational speakers, etc.

View their website and pay attention to their videos. Notice if they have a complete speaking presentation on their video. It shouldn’t be the whole program, but you should be able to see the beginning, their use of information, their style of entertainment and the end. How did the audience react at the end of the program? Did the speaker receive a standing ovation or just luke warm applause?

Also, examine their testimonials to see if they have worked with the same company more than once. Anyone can work with a company, a meeting planner or event planner once, but for an entertaining motivational speaker to get rebooked by the same client holds quite a bit of weight.

Finally, talk to the speaker yourself. Even if you’re use to working with agents, speak to the speaker yourself. Talking to the speaker will give you a “feeling” as to whether or not you would like to work with this person. Ask the speaker for ideas and input. After all, if a speaker has a solid reputation and has been in the business for a while, he or she will probably have some valuable input.

With regard to agents, not all speakers work with booking or speaker’s agencies. Doing a little research via the Internet with the keywords mentioned above will provide you with a source of prospects that you could hire – minus the fee tacked on by the agent.

Naturally, those who attend your meeting or event also attend other meetings and the competition for the minds and memory of your group is fierce. Obviously, providing the “WOW” factor will help you win the battle for your group’s mindshare both during and after your event and a speaker who is both entertaining and motivational will help you achieve that goal. Finding the right entertaining motivational speaker can be a challenge. Yet, through a little research, you can find a speaker who not only fits your budget but also provides a unique and memorable experience for your group.

Bob Garner is one of those rare motivational speakers who is also entertaining. Recognized as an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say, Bob travels the globe on behalf of his Fortune 1000 and association clients delivering a customized program that provides usable content reinforced with amazing demonstrations of mind reading, clean humor and audience participation. To see his videos and for more information go to http://www.bobgarner.com/ .

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